Wednesday , June 16 2021

Follow the contradictions: the enormous and ironic message of Nazarene Veles to Fed Ball and his family

There is an old saying that "war costs everything" and it can be perfectly adapted to the media battle that is being waged Nazarena Vélez against Fede Bal and that as a result, she is also involved Carmen Barberi and Santiago Ball,

An example of this is a chirping that the mother of Barbie came out only a few hours ago with a short but strong phrase.

"Paleo is missing and the whole family is thinking, "he wrote in his Twitter account, giving a clear figure to the affair that Fed's father had at that time Ayelen Paleoand this led to his marriage breaking with the kahomoto.

It is worth recalling that the subject came back to light by some strong statements by Nazarene against his daughter's ex-boyfriend, who responded by asking for a perimeter, so that Nazza could not get close to 300 meters from him.

"What stupid pedant! "He shot Nazarene as he listened to a note to Fede. This kid really gets madI just said "how can you dare to talk and send mobile devices. With what rights he laughed when he defended the job two seconds ago, "he says.

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The answer, of course, was not long on the other side. "This perimeter that emerges now is to stop the aggression and threats Federico gets"We see this woman every day in the press that she does not know what she will do on the day she finds it, that's a threat," she explained.

"From this I hear he was a perforator and a killer, and that he compared it to similar cases Schoklender, there is a moment that does not want to be contaminated by his name, his masculinity and his family, "added Fed's mother.

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But the strongest will come seconds later. "This is a very big mania, he had it with Agostini, with Hernan Kayer. She ruined a few lives, a few names, and we will not let her destroy our surname or ruin my son, My son will not let it, he does it. I will not let that lady pollute my family and pollute me the way she does it, "he said.

Of course, it was not the only vote that rose to defend the former champion BailandoJust a few days later Santiago Ball talks about it.

– I really like it because Carmen and I know the truth about history, but it's in the hands of justiceUnfortunately, he had to get there, "said the artist.

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"I know what blue cloth I have, how things are and how this department is destroyed; but well, what do we do? He will have nothing to do with these people, "he added.

"I know a well, but not a mother; but I know your background and I know who it is"He finally condemned.

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