Sunday , May 16 2021

For Macri Cipolletti is one of the country's 15 most ordered intentions

Cipolletti Mayor Aníbal Tortoriello participated in the city of Buenos Aires along with thousands of municipal leaders of the 2nd National Center for Intellectuals (ENI 2018), assisted by the Deputy Secretary for Municipal Relations at the Ministry of Interior, Obras Public and Residential. The leadership of the current Communist Chief of Cipoleños received the prestigious award from President Mauricio Macri within the 15 most ranked public administrations.

During the day, the municipal leaders participated in round tables on many topics and united areas for dialogue with ministers and national representatives on issues related to public policies and the development of local governments in Argentina.

"It's not the same thing to do right, or as always, through the trap and the right way," says Makri, taking on the so-called "heavy heritage."

The purpose of this meeting was to promote training among educators and take advantage of the experience of each local management. They also seek to strengthen the co-operation between the national government and each mayor in order to create "spaces of consensus in the effort to improve the quality of life of citizens" expressed by the municipality of Cipoleño.

At the end of the meeting, the president of the nation, Mauriceio Macri, distinguished the "Invasion Order" rating, which highlighted the administration of Tortoryo.

"The state needs to adapt to people's needs, not the other way around, we have to recognize good practices in 15 municipalities," Macri said, adding that they are looking for "those who work best to guide everyone else" .

"I have to emphasize that we still have unpaid debt: 3200 wages, less than 120, are women-led, they are few and we need more, their vision is essential for the country to be more inclusive" , said the president with a clear kim of this sector, marking the year with a historic debate in Congress.

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