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For one year, they have done more than three times the number of studies to detect HPV Diario de Cuyo

In July last year, the province was a pioneer in the country with the use of equipment that allows the detection and detection of HPV in women more quickly and accurately. Now, one year after the device was started, Sonya Civico, the specialist responsible for this tool, said she had done more than 5,000 tests for women from different departments, and that the number of positive cases was surprising, as 19% of those analyzed women have the virus. This means that about 950 patients live with HPV in their oncogenic species (viruses that have the ability to transform the cell that infects the tumor cell, often causing uterine cancer). Although it is alarming, they say they are happy because they have managed to do more than three times the number of studies from previous years, as with the new device they performed an average of more than 415 tests a month before they did only about 120 smears (Pap) of the same period.

Regarding the positive results, the specialist explained that the machine allows multiple samples to be analyzed at the same time and that in all "test runs" there are at least 1 case of HPV infection.

The equipment is installed in the René Favaloro health center at Rawson.

"When we started using it, we did not imagine we could find so many positive cases," he adds, explaining that the results make it possible to know whether the virus is in the "Other 12" group (which is less aggressive) "16" or "18". The last two genotypes are the most dangerous. "Although the majority is within Other 12, in the last time we have found cases of coinfection, that is, that they have more than one genotype, in fact we have already found 5 women infected with 3 viruses together. these are women at greater risk, "he said.

By July last year, the only way to know whether HPV is in the body of a woman is through Pap (Pap). Now, not only does the form of detection change, but treatment can also be started in advance and prevent cancer from waking up. Is that, the new equipment even shows what type of HPV is present. "With pathological anatomy – PAP – it is concluded that the virus exists because of the distortion of cell architecture and because many times the uterus is already affected, but with this equipment it is possible to know which virus is present because we find it immediately. year after its use, we are surprised by the number of positives, "explained Civico.

The new team The new device was launched in July last year. This team is the only one in the public health of the country. The team works with molecular medicine.


The study can be done in two ways. The patient may become a "single symptom" or help a doctor remove a sample from the uterus in the office.


Women, before the test, fill out a form and leave their phone number. You will then be notified with a text message that the results are already there that are confidential.


Although the team is in Rawson and is working for health centers in this place, at least 9 departments are currently being sampled.


The idea is for the team to analyze samples from all departments. That is why they train specialists so that in about 2 months they will reach 19 departments.

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