Wednesday , June 16 2021

For the first time in history, Qatar stayed with the Asian Cup

Friday, 1 February Qatar achieved his first big international title by beating japn 3 to 1 at the end of Asian Cup which will be played in the United Arab Emirates, a game that will enter the history of the country that will host the World Cup 2022.

It should be noted that the best achievements so far in the combined tasting of this competition were in 2000 and 2011 when it reached the quarterfinals, but the work done at the Aspire Academy, where they formed players in front of the World Cup, gave its fruit.

All of Ace was named champion, scoring a goal during the tournament and putting on a team that came as a favorite after winning four of the last seven editions and winning when he played the final. Qatar It did not take long to show why he had reached the finish line and played great first half in which he completely eliminated Japan and managed to win two goals in half an hour.

Ali Almos is the author of the big goal when he barely played for 12 minutes. Control your back in the area and lift it to mark Chilena. A little that Cultural Leone's employee, currently in Al Dhaile, has surpassed the historic record of Iran's Al-Daji's goals (8) in the same Asa Cup, with 9.

27 minutes Qatar I extended the gap with a great shot with my right foot from the area of ​​Abdulaziz Hatem, who was sticking to the post. In both goals, the game was born on the legs of Akram Aphif, who signed a big tournament, finished as a top assistant (8) and was key in the second half for the victory of Qatar.

Then a lot japn He did not know how to react, and at no time did he come to break the network protected by Al-Sheebe in the first half. His approach with greater danger was interrupted by Bailem Hochi, who cut off the ball in the area before Osaka to get it.

Already in the second half changed guin and Nipn combined the pace of the match, locking Qatar in his area and making full control of the spherical. At 57 minutes, the fear came when the Japanese, Maya Yoshida, and Boylem Hawthi, clashed head-to-head. Katar went worse and had to leave the stretcher field four minutes later.

Leaders led by Hadji Moriasu continued to insist and in the 68th minute he allowed his first goal for a discount in the match. Geta Shibasaki, a player from Getafe, has a good ball in the area against Osaka, which he is badly controlled, but his rebound has fallen on Minamin's boots, which just before Al-Shaib have brought him to perfection to reduce the distance to the board.

Good football, deployed in the first half of the season, led by Flix Sncce Bass, was not seen again in the second 45 minutes, although he managed to finish the final in the only counterattack he had, and this led to a decisive corner kick. ,

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