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For this reason, it is important to have safe sex

One of the latest medical cases published in BMJ Case Reports, where a person has come up with a strange intestinal parasite, reminds us of the importance of making any kind of sexual relationship or game safe.

The study describes the diagnosis of a 67-year-old man with an infection Entamoeba histolytica, which was apparently transmitted when they have sex. It's not a strange infection; in fact, about 50 million people worldwide have been infected with this potentially lethal form of amoeba, usually as a result of swallowing contaminated food or water in a region where the parasite is endemic.

The other form of infection usually happens because protozoa cysts can also camp on the ground or under dirty nails, finding their way with those who do not suspect who put their hands in their mouths.

In any case, once in our body, E. histolytica It is easily reproduced in the gut before it returns to the environment located in the stomach of the host. In the most rare cases, the amoeba decides to stay and invade the intestinal tract to flow into the blood and visit other organs, including the lungs, the brain and the liver.

Image: Life cycle of Entamoeba histolytica (W.C)

Fortunately, for many countries, sanitary infrastructure alone makes it almost impossible to collect the pathogen from local food and water supplies in developed countries. This is why surprise surgeons.

He was a patient in France with bloody diarrhea, low temperature and abscesses of the liver. A subsequent pathological test confirms that the cause of the amoeba is the cause of the disease. However, he presented a rare example of a patient with intestinal and hepatic forms of the disease, something not so common in medical literature.

Besides, and perhaps the strangest thing in the case, was the form of transmission: the patient had never been outside Europe. Investigating the case, they discovered that the man had a sexual partner who had recently traveled everywhere, from South America to India, Burma, Vietnam and Laos.

Besides, the case is detailed that the doctors knew that the woman in turn had an intimate relationship with another man with a diagnosis of intestinal amoebiasis (how they knew or how she knew she had to become another case).

It happens that in medical literature it is not uncommon for an amoeba to be transmitted between individuals who are sexually related to same-sex couples. A series of studies published in 2012 describes how the parasite appears to be penile ulcers in male anal sex.

However, cases collected from heterosexual couples are extremely rare. And although the woman has not experienced the symptoms, she is considered the most likely source of the infection. The big question was still to answer, how the hell did the amoeba rise between the hosts?

The research seems to leave the door open to our imagination, referring only to "heterosexual sexual contact," so if there was some kind of pre-play, perhaps extremely creative, that could allow the parasite to move from housefrom his "mouth" (the doctors) has not left.

As for your own E. Histolytica, investigators in the case explain that:

For people who have traveled to endemic areas, amoebiasis can be considered in addition to syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C when sexually transmitted infections are being analyzed.

The good news of this case is that the patient recovers without any problems. Fortunately, if we consider that around 100,000 people worldwide die each year from amoebias, mainly in developing countries with inadequate water purification programs.

The case is a perfect example of the importance of the safe conduct of any kind of sexual play or simply by applying common sense. [BMJ Case Reports vía ScienceAlert]

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