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Forecasts and opinions found in foreign journalists at Superfinal

A number of journalists from around the world who consulted Infobae, with the sights of "Supercityo del Monumental" for the Copa Libertadores final, has different opinions and predictions, although all emphasize the passion that football is experiencing in Argentina, although in some cases it seemed excessive.

Pablo San Romanfrom the office of Agence France Presse in Paris, saw "a stronger river for the first game and more equipment" for what he thinks "leaves as a favorite for the return" and expresses his desire to "see" another good show, as in the first stage ".

San Roman is described as a "lover of Argentine football and the passion that lives in the stands and on the street" and says that France will have "a lot of attention" in the game and that the television network pays to RMC Sport 1 SuperClassico will be broadcast live and many bars will be featured on special screens, although they will live with greater passion in Argentine restaurants and Casa Argentina of the university city.

"My wife is from Argentina, so my duel will be alive with great interest in my house." My children Diego (18) and Irina (14) did not agree and everyone would encourage a team, "he explains.

Carlo Ligouriri, An Italian journalist from the Riverflash agency, confirms that there is "a lot of enthusiasm in his country because we know well what Copa Libertadores means, the passion of fans and the tradition of about 250 classics between Boca Juniors and Ray Platt in history."

For Ligouriori, this is a "difficult prognosis" game, although he is encouraged to say that "will be equal and closed, 0-0 or 1-1, but I think it will be longer and more criminal because it will be balanced final ".

Ligouriri believes the river "takes very little a priori difference for 2-2 in Bombonera, but Boca is a very strong team by tradition and will not give anything" believing that while Scocco's lack of "could harm the River if the Colombian (Juan Fernando) Quintero will do well "and the same happens in Boca with Dario Benedetto" if he has to replace Christian Paul, although the same will happen if Carlos Tevez comes in, we know his time in Juventus, someone who moves well in the counterattack. "

Ligouriri was "impressed" because "we saw that there are about sixty thousand fans to watch Boca practice at Bombonera, achieved only by Napoli in San Paolo in the days of Diego Armando Maradona.

Jesús Vélez Banegas, a journalist for the La Tribuna newspaper in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, thinks that "the whole world is waiting for this great game, at least in my country, the previous hours are too intense, with notes in all the media" and describes the people " is prone to Boca, more than anything, because Diego Maradona, an emblematic player, plays twice in this club. "

However, Vélez believes the river "has an advantage for Monumental because of its locality and motivation, meaning that you know the victory at home will be a champion," and it clarifies his desire "as a football man" to be a "great show."

Ruben Curiel, the special envoy of Buenos Aires from the French So-Foot magazine reported that after the first match in Bombonera,many have realized that Latin football is not just eggs and nails but also good football"

"For the game, I would say Boca has an advantage because it's a club who knows how to win when it seems he has everything against it," said Kuriel, who thinks tactically "I'll be surprised if Tevez Cardona or Zarate would be more logical, although in these games logic does not exist. "

It is known to Curiel that the river has a fixed game implemented by Marcello Galardo for a long time, and if Boca accepts the river domain, it can complicate Guillermo Barroso's Shellock team. And he is trying to diagnose: "it is defined in the expansion or in the criminal",

David Alonso, a well-known producer of El Transistor, the most successful radio program in Spain led by Jose Ramón de la Morena by Onda Cero of Madrid, admits that "on this side of the lake we are completely amazed at what happens with the Argentine Superclásico. We took part in an unprecedented show. We felt that Spain in football is the navel of the world for the great classic world between Real Madrid and Barcelona and we realize that in passion, nothing like the Boca River and the Copa Libertadores final is exponentially the media exposure that has a confrontation of these characteristics. "

Alonso was fascinated by what happened on Thursday in Boca's training with open doors, "Let's see the Boca Stadium, completely full of training, is something we have never seen in our lives, and that leaves us astonished and stunned. Bombonera, trembling with the passion of fans, left us our eyes as dishes".

Alonso argues that the river "has very important losses in the attack, but it seems to me that the tie in the first match of the Bomboner is very productive, it is more blocked than Boca, and I think it is a bit preferential is 52% -48%. "

Pablo Carlian, a royalist commentator in Montevideo, who has a great trajectory, confirms that if Superclisico always generates a lot of expectation in Uruguay, "this has special spices because they play the last two great glories on the continent and the world, and because it is the last this two-party system in Copa Libertadores, and then the clocks stop.

"If you consult the veterans who have seen a lot of football in Uruguay, they will mention compatriots who played in Boca such as Severin Varela or in a river like Walter Gomez as the media spend their time interviewing our former figures like Antonio Alsamendi. or Sergio "Marttenes", details Carlian, who also adds a key element: "there will be Uruguayans in the three teams because in Boca there will be Lucas Olaza and Nahytan Nanz in the river I do not know if they will play, but they are in the team Camilo Maja and Rodrigo Mora, but also Judge Andres Chunha and his associates will be Uruguayan".

For the match, Karlslane believes that "there are not too many readings, on the one hand, it seems that there will be important absences, and on the other, the River is working more for the possession of the ball, and" Boca "will depend on the Colombian villa being with all the lights to take advantage of its manipulations, I guess accompanied by Wanchope Ábila for the definition, two teams with very different characteristics It is very difficult to risk forecast, but I think who loses, will be tagged for many years".

Beto MurreriteESPN Mexico, one of the most famous commentators of Latin American television, commented that "after seeing Boca's full-stadium training, I thought it was impressive and I said it looked like authenticity, the fiery one lives with, it seems to me that this can reach unimaginable extremes because I also read that there are a hundred cases of people who have been treated for cardiovascular problems at the first stage.

Murrettta noted another element that attracted his attention. "I have learned that there are Argentinian journalists who narrate in zen format with a low voice, without praising or shouting the goals and background music, I thought it was nice because the traditional way to tell football in South America, more screaming , faster, more intense ".

Benjamin Jimenez, Murrieta compatriot of the Tiempo Extra radio program, describes that the passion for Superclassico is particularly felt in the Mexican capital "because of the number of young people wearing the shirts of both clubs in the streets and bars," and believes that In its country, this "strange people when our teams played for Copa Libertadores has nostalgia for that time."

Jiménez believes in the final "Boca will win because his genealogy is done for scenarios like the finalIt's an ideal duel for Boca to win at Boca, but I see a game much more closed than the first one. I do not see many spaces and I do not think there are many goals. "

On the other hand, Fabian Rose, editorial director of Huffballball Columbia, claims that favoring this classical "is like VAR, a casual guest, and the river can show the tie in the Bomboner and become a monumental burst and have more sophisticated football. But that , which Boca may lack in football sports, he has a lot of opportunities, which is not a small thing, Palmeira had players, technicians and even a game idea to get to the final but he succumbed to the hierarchy, Mellizo "does not need possession to harm, Benedetto and Wanchope Ábila are a clear example of force needed for final cases like this on Saturday, and if we add to that the balance made by Barrios in half, the right to dreams is multiplied. "
"Meanwhile, Galardo relies on the inspiration of Martinez's" Complaint "and the power of Lucas Pratt, who remains alone: ​​without Borre stopping and Scott injured, everything indicates that the bet will be to give 10 millionaire partner, and that can to be Juan Fernando Quintero, who is better in finishing games than to initiate them, "insists Rosa
Your diagnosis is that "is a 50/50 song that will be unbalanced by details so the media in Argentina celebrate as the goddess of wealth returns to face them against a continental finish. Fiesta, which Columbia celebrates from a distance by passing and attending both clubs. Restaurants and bars popularize the game and, coinciding with lunch time (2 o'clock in the afternoon), it will be the perfect apology for Núñez. "

for Javier de Leon, an experienced Uruguayan journalist, "It's a pretty match in which, if I have to bow to one, I think it will be for the river because I think it has a more emotional and emotional balance and that in a given You can make a difference in the game The result will leave a scar on everyone for the rest of the story.
De Leon says Uruguay "has a huge expectation, because Uruguay is in both teams and will continue almost as if our classics".
Eugenio Mateo, Spain

Eugenio Mateo, A Spanish journalist who collaborates with several Latin American media, knows that "a very special game is that I will be followed by many people in both my country and the clubs of the two teams who have a huge number of fans and who have already retained different locations and, for example, all television shows broadcast the images of Boca education in La Bombonera with about sixty thousand fans and say that this is an example of the passion that football wakes up. "

"me I think the river will win, but it will be a very close match and will be defined at the end and for small details. I think Galardo will take the initiative, but Boca will try to push as high as possible. I think the river will play with five fliers, but Colombian Quintero will be one of them, not Enzo Perez, and he will come out and look for a very early game with the weapons he has and Boca must tie him. Boca has more options and a better bank, but the question is how to take advantage of Guillermo Barroso Schello, who has done so in a controversial way. The river here has an advantage, because Gallardo, with less, takes advantage of it much more.

"The key question is who will win the first goal," Matteo says, "because if the river does, Bocca is mentally weak on the important classics at this stage and will have to leave. I think river 2-1 will win over the finals, but the best thing is that this will mean a platform for distributing Argentine footballI love about the world, not about bad AFA governance. "

Fabio Licari, editor of La Gazzetta dello Sport, sees things from another angle. "The relationship between the Italians and the Argentineans is also very strong in football, and we always hope to find another Dybala or another Pastore, but this match will also serve to assess Argentine football at that time and the level of rivalry between two of the biggest teams on the continent. "

Licarius says that in addition, La Gazzetta has a special party envoy, one of the two journalists coming from Italy to cover the final – the other is the Corriere della Sera – which covers the training and that passion "is something incredible, sometimes sometimes it seems to be war. "

Jorg Wolfram, editor of the German magazine Kicker, believes that "The river will win the Cup because it has more football arguments and has pulled a tie in its first game with the audience against and after a few lazy moments, he knows what he wants to play.

Wolfrum does not believe that in Germany the party can have the same reflection as in Spain or Italy "because we do not have so many Argentinean colony, although the party has journalistic interest, we do not treat it differently if the final is played by an Argentine team. another Brazilian, for example. "

"In Australia, Superclassico has created some expectation in the Greater Latin Community," argues the Argentine Ezekiel Trumpper, one of the most recognized journalists in this country, director of Radio Austral and editor of Sports Weekly Extrainformativo.

Trumpper says that for the first time in history, the Copa Libertadores final is broadcast on television in Australia " and rehearsed the forecast: "I think that although the River is local and it functions better as a team, Boca's individualities will make the game uneven and Xeneizes will become the champion of the monumental stadium."

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