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Former Fleet Chief admits to Congress that ARA San Juan is unable to move alone – 12/11/2018

Former Fleet Chief, Admiral Marcello Sur, said his subordinates they hid information about what happened with the sinking of the submarine ARA San Juan and also pointed out that the ship could not move alone so far from the shore.

Before the Congressional Jaguar Committee, Sure assured that the first days did not inform him that sea water had entered the submarine and that a fire had occurred. "They minimize the situation. I was told that only communication was lost with the submarine.

Former Fleet Chief accused the situation of former chief of naval base of Puerto Rico, Luis Lopez Mazezowho was in Buenos Aires – far from his operational position – when the accident occurred without the permission of the then Chief of the Navy.

"He's also going to Chaco instead of coming back.Lopez Mazezo made these trips without permission and made a mistakebecause I was in Uruguay and I got a distinction, "said Sur.

Then the Fleet Manager also assured that ARA San Juan "is not able to operate alone, in the distance and in the fishing zone, he can sail with the fleet, but not just in 200 miles."

But, he explained, he also had no information about the difficulties the submarine encountered, such as the Eco 19 flap, which had touched the valve a few months earlier and entered it.

Former Fleet Chief, Marcello Sur, before Congress. (Diego Diaz)

Former Fleet Chief, Marcello Sur, before Congress. (Diego Diaz)

"If you got water in Eco 19 and you did nothing, it's crazy to fly again," said the experts I consulted, "said Sur, adding that he would not appreciate submarine 4.25, as ARA San Juan had several problem.

This mistake was assigned to the then commander of the underwater troop Claudio Villaamide.

Sun also questioned the US Navy to report the "hydroacoustic noise" of Lopez Mazego, not the Chief Navy or Defense Minister Oscar Aguad.

Peronist Vice President Pedro Miranda asked him if this information came from an envelope sent to him by the US Navy that they found with Lopez Mazeo at a meeting with Minister Anouad. But Sourr said, "I do not remember," if Lopez Mazeo was at this meeting.

In fact, one of the submarine crew members, Luis Talyapapeptera, asked Surer whether it is true that "there is no planning" for the submarine activities in 2017, although it was used in an operation that ended with its sinking.

"The marine reports did not show that ARA San Juan would be part of this control patrol in the exclusive economic zone, but apparently the attitude (by Lopez Mazeo)" does what I want "because the submarine made this patrol," said Sur. : "Here we have 44 heroes who died on a mission, but that was done by minimizing a problem, otherwise we would not have done that."

Deputy Minister Nilda Garr, former Kirchner's defense minister, questioned the "lack of leadership" because "you can not hide behind the fact that you do not know, you do not remember or you have not been told what's going on "during the ARA San Juan tragedy.

On the other hand, the former chief of the fleet denied that he refused to accept British aid to find the submarine as it is published in various media. He explained to MPs and Senators of the Bilateral Disputes Commission that he had handed over to Lopez Mazeo the order to accept this aid on the basis of the directive received by Minister Anouad.

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