Sunday , June 13 2021

Four alleged cases of hantavirus were sent to Malbran

Missionary Minister of Health Walter Willabla said the two specimens of leptospirosis patients reported in the province were analyzed in Santa Fe, where the reference center is located. He also confirmed four suspected cases of hantavirus, although the clinical possibility was very low; They were sent to the Malbran Institute, Buenos Aires, under a strict protocol.

According to information from the Integrated Monitoring Bulletin
Epidemiologically, in 2018 there is a confirmed case of hantavirus
that in 2017 there were three notifications of suspicious cases, but
without final confirmation.

On the other hand, the holder of the provincial health portfolio within the anniversary of the Pediatric Hospital, that the specialty is in crisis in the country, while acknowledging the need to strengthen human resources in primary health care.

"Missions is one of the provinces with the smallest number of physicians per thousand inhabitants," the official said.

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