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Four men raped her and died in anticipation of justice – 08.12.2018

Marilyn Tolon took a little longer to leave the bowling alley. She slowed her search for her coat and her friends left. It was five o'clock in the morning on 8 October 2001 and went to San Martin's Avenue in Puan, 160 km from Baia Blanca.

For her to move to the city was a conquest. She left her family to study, she lived alone and received her first substitutions at school. Everyone remembers their innocent smile.

Those who knew her matched: Marilina that night went out,

Marilyn Tolon was a teacher and left her career after the complaint.

Marilyn Tolon was a teacher and left her career after the complaint.

"My daughter was suffering, she was a happy girl, she always smiled, Everybody loved her, Then she wanted nothing, She felt bad, guilty or embarrassed, she had to talk so they could help but she did not want me. recalls Susanna, her mother.

Susanna is 72 years old and is still hiding to talk. The Tolón family is from Darragueira, a rural area 15 km from Puan. "At that time, my husband had a heart attack and did not want to tell him. I felt guilty, shame, I do not know what I felt. At that time I thought to leave everything behind, the comment was that they covered everything with money. I do not know, but the complaint was made and nothing happened, nothing was done. then We never told him the truth Marilyn's father, even now, "he explains, resigning.

Teacher health is aggravated by abuse and she dies after a stroke.

Teacher health is aggravated by abuse and she dies after a stroke.

What they did not say was that when Marilyn was 25, that night in 2001, four men in the city raped her, and despite the fact that she accused, the experts proved the abuses and the evidence they had gathered, they never officially blame them,

"There was a different way of dealing with these issues, and today we know there are other resources to stimulate the investigation, but at that time the prosecutor who had the cause did not find any elements to remind them of the convicted, "they explained to Baia Blanca's prosecutor because they did not find" material evidence of the violation ", the cause was unpunished.

The investigation lasted a little over a year after Marilina filed the complaint on 17 October 2001 until December 2012 when it was filed.

Marilynna pointed to four men only under the age of 18. Only he was called to testify. The three adults they have not even entered the prosecutor's office,

Impunity coincided in silence with the inhabitants of Puan until October 13, 2018, when Marilyn died as a consequence of the consequences of ACV. There were days after the 17th anniversary of the violation. Those who knew her said they lived with pain, depression, panic attacks, seizures, and illnesses they can not diagnose. He could never have taught again or had a partnerHe left Puyan and retreated to the field with his parents so that he would not return.

Marilyn died without justice but left a scar.

"People were not ready to face what happened, people were very afraid, they say their rapists are strong, but they did not have money to pay to a lawyer and her no one heard it, nor the justice, nor the police, nor the people of the city. When Marilyn died, it was like having to go out and say enough, "he says hunting horn Carina, a neighbor of Puan, who participated in a campaign in which hundreds of neighbors demanded justice on the day of death.

Klidi Kano is Marilyn's cousin and one of the people whom the victim trusted to say what they did with him: "In the city the guilt was awakened, The guilt of the one who was silent, of whom he heard something, and said nothing of those whom he knew. Here we all know each other, we know who it is who we see all the time. And Marilyn was a heavy blow. This request is for her and for all the other cases that must exist, which also remain in nothingness. "

Marilyn went out several times with the young man from the village of Nudor, but he did not want to know anything more about him. He was from a "good family," he had gone to school, and that night he insisted on Disco Ibiza.

Marilyn Tolon has left her teaching career and has retired to her family camp in Dargayera.

Marilyn Tolon has left her teaching career and has retired to her family camp in Dargayera.

Marilyn did not tell him many times, the first while dancing with his friends.

Nestor sought her in the bowling alley, but she rejected it. About 5 he went home, but according to Marilyn, denounced in the police station and prosecutor number 1 by Christian Long, she followed her to Peugeot with stained windows. I went slowly and with the window down. I was chasing her. I told him to come up with it,

Marilyna said he did not. I was afraid of him and – he later explained – he was right.

The car stopped suddenly in meters. Nestor came out, grabbed her arm and put it on the passenger seat. He accelerated and locked the doors.

The story comes from the lawsuit and from what Marilynna can tell her friends.

She was "very nervous and frightened," she wrote in her statement. He said the house had been unlocked and that it had come into effect and was "immediately brought into the room, struggling." She said that Nestor had taken her "by the door, throwing her on the bed" and threatening her: "If you scream, I will kill you"he said.

When she heard voices on the other side of the room door, she thought they would help her, but what followed was worse. – Steam, stop! What are you going to do?, the owner of the house told his friend who was immobilized by Marilyn in the bed.

She thought she'd help her and shout. But the assailants covered their mouths between them. Nudor was the first to rape her, Marilyn told the police and the prosecutor. Two minutes later he entered the second one, who was already naked. After the third. Then a quarter.

Marilyn says no. He asked for help and he got hits. Private doctors and experts they left evidence of the injuries: bruises, thighs, legs.

When she was raped, she was one of her attackers who took her home. Within days – denounced – they went "to ask for forgiveness",

Nine days passed while Marilyn joined the forces and managed to report the rape. He went through psychological experts, doctors and statements in the prosecution and police. In the hours all of Puan knew what he had done.

On the very day of Marilyn's death, about 600 people were mobilized to demand justice. (ALL VOICES CAN)

On the very day of Marilyn's death, about 600 people were mobilized to demand justice. (ALL VOICES CAN)

The country was boiling and the 2001 parliamentary elections were a prelude to the crisis. Puan's polls had another spice: someone made bulletins with the names of the accused and distributed them to all schools,

"Do not Vote, Party Viola de Puyan"; "Sufficient impunity"; "Because they are hiding behind the surname, because parents have to be silent so as not to expose their children because a woman has the right to have connections with whom she wants without being forced"; They told the sheets that spread around the city and were deposited in the polling stations.

"My husband took her to the doctor, shuddered and wept, we talked to her, we told her he had to make the report," says Cousin Clyde.

"People did not say anything about what happened, but you see that they had a lot of presence because I buried my daughter and were already making the march, there were many people. I do not know if she would like that, maybe. If I had screamed everything, I would release that grief, that pain. If they had punished those who did it. I do not know … I think people are now more alert that they are busy and something like that is not happening. They only left my daughter, "Susannah closed.

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