Wednesday , June 16 2021

Four supposed Hantavirus cases in Misiones

Posadas. Four alleged cases of Hantavirus were registered in Misiones, and samples were sent to the Malbran Institute to confirm or rule out the presence of a virus that has already caused 14 deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic outbreak in November in Chubut. the health of the missions, Walter Willabla.

In a dialogue with MisionesCuatro, the physician confirmed that, in the current context, it was decided to send Malbrán samples for the four cases of people with symptoms compatible with Hantavirus. Although he is convinced that the results of Hantavirus will be negative because "there is no significant clinical suspicion."

"We are worried, in one case, it was confirmed that he had traveled to Brazil, and in the cases that need to be confirmed, they evolved favorably." In the midst of an epidemiological warning, we can send confirmatory (serological) , says Vivalba, who mentions the variant of the Hanta strain that was discovered this summer, which can be transmitted through interpersonal contact, unlike the usual strain that spreads through contact with infected rodents.

Unlike these four cases, from the alleged cases of leptospirosis, Villalba revealed that serological confirmations can be given at the CEMAR Laboratory in Santa Fe, the country's reference laboratory. "Clinical suspicion is much stronger (in the case of leptospirosis); there is a local serological confirmation, but we have to wait for the Santa Fe confirmation, "says Vivalba.

As for the Dengue cases in the Mission, the minister said there was a confirmed case this year and so far this summer, since December, there have been four cases. "In the weekly edition of the magazine we will find out how many cases are suspected and how many of them have been serologically thrown out that last week they were 60," said Vicalba.

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