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Four year old girl died of influenza A and they are trying to typify the virus «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

a four-year-old babe He died on Monday of influenza A in the Mother and Child Hospital due to a complicated respiratory pattern, and specialists are trying to determine what type of influenza A is shrinking.

The minor who attended the Nueva Pompea School's first grade entered the hospital on Sunday afternoon "With a very serious septic system" therefore, it must immediately be transferred to the intensive care unit. Despite the doctors' efforts to stabilize her, the baby died late Monday night.

For these moments, the hospital is now destined to confirm that the picture that caused death is caused by influenza A virus. The diagnosis is a myocarditis that, although a rare complication of the flu, is described among the options.

In a dialogue with LA CAPITAL, the pediatric epidemiologist of the Mother and Child, Anara Reart, said that death is a "Fatality is not expected" and he avoided alarmingly: "The influenza A virus circulating every year is not a pandemic ",

"What happened to this baby is still determined because it has no risk factors, there is no indication of a vaccine. As we could have known, it only started with symptoms on Saturday, but nothing unusual, nothing to attract attention, "the doctor said.

"The minor has no indication of a vaccine. Enter Sunday in the hospital now seriously, skeptical, which is when you have a generalized infection. At that time, people did not think about influenza because they had no clear flu symptoms but suffered from a generalized deterioration, "he added.

Several studies have been carried out within the framework of the Action Protocol, including the influenza which it eventually gave positive,

There are two ways to diagnose influenza. On the one hand, a "fast panel" is being made in the hospital with a technique called immunofluorescence that only lets you know if it is flu or not, and gave us that it is flu A, Now this sample was sent to National Institute of Epidemiology, Where another more specific technique called PCR will be carried out that allows us to know what type of influenza A isIn addition, INE will send some samples to the United States to make a deeper genetic analysis, "the specialist explained.

For clarity, Rearte clarified: "Flu and flu are the same. Within the influenza virus you have different subtypes. The first big division is between influenza A and Influenza BIn Influenza A or Influenza A there is another division that is flu A H1N1 or flu H3N2, H1N1 is influenza A, of which everyone is afraid because he is the one who generates the pandemic in 2009 and, in fact, it is not more pandemic because it is spread every year, Sometimes more H1 sometimes more H3. "

"At that time," he continues, "at the level of the country, what is happening is that of all circulating viruses, more or less 12% is flu, And of this flu the bulk is A – only 2% is B-, predominant A H1N1Something to expect, as this is the seasonal flu that we have every year.

In this sense, Rearte insisted: "Flu A is a seasonal one that usually causes more serious illnesses among people with risk factors, although it can trigger emergency situations like what happened to this baby. So the recommendation is only those who have risk factors or have indicated it to go to the health centers to apply the vaccine. You do not have to leave all desperate to get vaccinatedwhat happened was an unexpected death.

The girl attends Nova Pompei's kindergarten. On Monday, the institution was sorry for death through its Facebook page and ended the mourning classes for today at all levels.

"Unfortunately, we report that today's student has died, so tomorrow, July 16, the school will be closed due to grief at all levels. Let us accompany the prayer of the entire community to the family at this difficult time ", they pointed out.

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