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From software open to new remasters if demand is high

Elden Ring One of the main titles presented at the Microsoft Conference on E3 2019. The return of FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki after Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice aims to make a step forward in the development of the Japanese team as a development studio. On his resume, however, we see a long list of games before Dark souls, recently remastered. Fans want more remasters,

In a conversation with Destructoid, producer Masanori Takeuchi has given some hope to those who await such a job Armored core or The Royal Field can return, looks better than ever before to the current or next generation. His answer is not ambiguous, it became clear: If there is a demand, they tend to appreciate it,


All this is a purely commercial matter. To present your argument, give an example of the case Metal Wolf ChaosTakeuchi reminds that the game will be released soon in a current way with Devolver Digital. They assess the situation, take a great interest on the part of the community, and finally accept the proposal.

Their methodology will remain the same as before: they will not be the ones who will take the initiative but will wait for an editor to come; they will read it, appreciate it, and if they persuade them what they want to do with their license, they will either give it a step. Beyond Bloodborne, Sekiro, the souls of demons and dark souls, FromSoftware has other intellectual properties in seat candidates to have remastering, such as Tinchu, Otogi, Enchanted Weapons or the above Armored core and The Royal Field,

Elden Ring, the work in which George R. Martin is involved

Hidetaka Miyazaki has recently explained what the specific role of George R. Martin in Elden Ring, the author of A song of ice and fire, He said that Miyazaki himself was the one who wrote the main story while Martin took responsibility nourishes the mythology of the workwhat we know by the term erudition, "Thanks to Martin's knowledge, the world of the Elden ring and its heroes will gain depth and personality."

In this article we talk about everything we know about Elden Ring at the moment; although we still do not have a release date, but only PC, PS4 and Xbox One will soon appear.

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