Sunday , June 13 2021

from the floods they evacuated people in fields near Dorjego

After flooding the rain, the police, along with volunteer firefighters from Monte Ermoso, evacuated people living in a field near Dorgrego where they crossed the stream of Las Monsas.

Monte Hermoso's rescuers also joined and helped to save.

Authorities have confirmed that route 3 is still cut, between kilometers 608 and 640.

The head of volunteer firefighters from Monte Hermoso, Heber Hurst, talks to him The new one and explained that water is growing in a very short time, although rain is expected: "We are working to solve this problem."

In 2002, Route 78 access to Monte Ermoso was cut off after a flood over which the water crosses over the bridge of the River Grande, where it limits Dorgrego's party to the Monte Ermoso party.

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