Sunday , August 1 2021

Gallardo risk bets face the River match against Boca by the Superfinal

Marcelo Gallardo knows that the match against Boca next Saturday will be the most important since his arrival at the River. That is why the coach is determined to take risks for a duel that will take place on Saturday the 24th at Monumental.

After training behind closed doors at Ezeiza, from the area around the Millionaire they ensured that Ignacio Scocco participated in ball practice and played 20 minutes of play among substitutes – he made the pair in an attack with Rodrigo Mora- against the Reserve. That's not 100% of the possibilities, but this is a vital part of the technical body.

"That is what God wants", they confessed to Infobae about DT's decision. The striker was replaced in training, but the doctors gave him medical permission. And needed for the rest of the week to complete determine whether you are fit to play at the start or, at the very least, go to the bench.

Ignacio Scocco, 33 a

Ignacio Scocco, 33, played 20 matches this year (Photo: NA)

In the absence of Rafael Santos Borr, who was reprimanded in the first leg and had to abide by suspension, Scocco's presence in the final became more important. It must be remembered that the 33-year-old brought inconvenience to the right calf, suffering in a duel against Estudiantes for the 11th Superliga, which did not allow him to draw at Bombonera.

Source: Infobae

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