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Gemini: The last big shower of the stars of the year will be seen next week

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The Gemini, the last great
rain of stars of the year can be seen at night on Thursday and Friday the following week from the northern and southern hemispheres but will have to move away from cities to avoid light pollution.

Together with the Perseids, the Geminides are the largest shower of the stars. This astronomical phenomenon arises when small dust particles that come from comets or asteroid fragments,
are confronted with the atmosphere of our planet, reports the Iberoamerican Agency for the Dissemination of Science (DiCYT).

The point of the sky, where the meteors look "born" – their radiants – is the constellation of the Gemini (Gemini) located near Orion.

Meteors can be seen from a dark place with a clear horizon. "It is good to lie down, look at the sky and keep it for a few minutes to appreciate some gossip, the most important thing is to have some patience," the DiCYT agency suggests.

Although the activity in the Northern Hemisphere will be greater, as the radiant energy will be higher on the horizon, a large number of meteors will be seen from the southern sky.

Comets are usually precursors to the rains of the stars, but in the case of the geinids this is not the case. It is believed that they come from a small asteroid (3200) Fhaeton, which since its discovery in 1983, remains a mystery for astronomers.

The best moments to see the geinids will coincide with the 13th and 14th Friday evenings, but they began to be observed on the 4th of this month and will continue until the 17th.

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