Monday , June 14 2021

George Clooney is afraid that Megan Mark will arrive as Princess Diana

George Clooney and his wife, Amal Alamudin, have established close friendship with the Dusses of Sussex, Megan Markel and Prince Harry, after the scan moved to London to marry. From his first days in the UK, Amal was responsible for showing Megan for London life, and now that he prepares for the arrival of his first baby, she says she has given the girl care for her care. , George Clooney He has serious concerns about the duchess's future.

And despite the fact that the friendship, which they all did not overcome, except for the help of the actor and the royal wedding lawyer, the famous translator did not manage to avoid knowing what attacks had been made. Megan recently, and that she was accused of allegedly tough nature and moving away from her family, particularly her father and her nurse, who have not stopped giving interviews to the media where she has been criticized.

For this reason, Clooney is afraid that his great friend has the same fate as Prince Hari's mother, Princess Diana's Welsh. They constantly persecute him, only harass and reproach him – devalue him. She is a pregnant woman for seven months and has been through the same persecution as Diana before her and we are facing the same recurring story. And we saw how it ended, he told the media at an event to promote his new Hulu series, Catch 22.

The actor He mentioned the deadly attack suffered by Queen Elizabeth II's daughter-in-law while being harassed by paparazzi. Do not forget that last weekend, the star of the apartment star, Thomas Mark fired the controversy again when he published a supposed letter that his daughter had sent him to assure him that he had broken his heart.

George Clooney He not only wonders how Thomas Mark could have surrendered his daughter's trust, but he is also surprised that the letter has received so much attention. I can not explain how disappointing it is for me to see how they publish a letter from their father's daughter. It is treated very unfairly and it seems irresponsible.

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