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Gerardo Martino was a MLS champion with Atlanta United and is already thinking in Mexico

Tata Martino, champion of MLS Credit: Twitter

It's lucky to live again. At 56,

Gerardo Martino

He is again a champion. Far from the selection, in times when he enjoyed style and suffered from the lack of titles and boats. Far from

Newell is

, your great love, your second home. Far from the football north, where gradual building of better and more professional football.
Dad Martino is a champion of MLS after Atlanta, a team created in the form and likeness of his driver – a good foot, frantic search, madness – unreliable – last night beat Portland Timber with 2 to 0 at the best, Health, Champion! Now you can say goodbye on the way of glory: the one chosen by Mexico awaits a huge challenge.

After an elusive experience as a leader of the

Lionel Messi

in Barcelona and more than a misfortune in the Argentine selection, Martino decided a few years ago the American adventure. On the other side I waited

Atlanta United

, a newly created project. Closing is perfect: he becomes a champion, after being a participant from the bases, of a club that does not exist.

"There are many endings in recent years and I'm grateful, it's also true that I've lost a lot more than what I've earned, but when you have the peace to review the work you've done, you can not help worrying. places with privileges, "he said hours ago. "I am happy with the award we had to play this final after two years of hard work and above all to be able to make it to all our fans, which is the most important thing." A great climax for these first years of Atlanta's life. "He counted
Dad, which is already a legend in the southeastern US. Reference His people acknowledge merit and idolize her. Its leaders are full of praise.

Joseph Martinez converts Atlanta's first goal to Martino's home match
Joseph Martinez converts Atlanta's first goal to Martino's home match Credit: John David Mercer / USA TODAY

And now, in Mexico. This is what Rafael Marquez describes. "He is a coach who is at the highest level, in important teams, has a very good idea and a good flag." Perhaps there was more opportunity to look for these opportunities, but in the end it was achieved and I hoped to support him in all the senses and try to do it better than what he did to the senior team, "he said Marquez.

Leandro González Pirez was given a lead for the defense. "The title is best for goodbye
Dad Martino, the way to crown a two-year process that was very successful. Last year we also qualified for the playoffs and were eliminated with sanctions. The team has attracted much attention due to its style of play, has a Tata stamp, an offensive, is trying to constantly push and be a hero, to attack all the time and to put many people in a rivalry. "

The legacy of the former Argentine coach is not just football, said Gonzalez Pires:
Dad That will leave me the teachings, the values, make me grow like a man. As a technician, he deals with clear concepts, but what left me the most is personal. It has many important principles. He will obviously miss it and because of the confidence he gave us. With it I have included many game-level concepts that improve you as players and make you more flexible to make decisions in court.

Career of Leandro Gonzales Pirez in MLS has a peculiarity: the two years he was in Atlanta are as many as clubs as Gerardo Martino's leadership. "I arrived when Atlanta was born, people worked very well, it seemed that the club was working so well for so many years, just looking new to the equipment, hiring a team of 30 players, that was the biggest challenge," said the defender who celebrates with other Argentinians who were owners this evening: Eric Remedy and Franco Escobar, author of 2-0. And a well-known star – Paraguayan Miguel Alimon. In Portland, Diego Valeri and Sebastian Blanco stand out. But the holiday was exceptional for Argentina's former coach. One evening he returned
Dad Martino, champion.

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