Tuesday , July 27 2021

Gly asked for justice about the shots of the groceries

The treasurer killed Simon Mamani Burgos He was very fond of Glev, where he was trading. His clients and neighbors did not hesitate to mobilize this Monday night to their own business to demand justice and reject their wreckage. – Missing us– They told you. "Simon was the guardian of the neighborhood– he said Nancy, one of her clients with whom they also shared WhatsApp Group for "eNeighborhood alarm system against uncertainty".

– He always waited. He took care of us– Said the woman who remembered that in one case she wanted to steal when she left the team and left the warehouse "Run" of criminals – Mill"He was 59, had three children and eight grandchildren, and for 10 years he had his place.

He attended his store in San Martin in 1800 with his wife Andrea when four motorcycles entered the room to steal and one of them shot him. "When something happened to Simon, the alarm went up and we all went out into the street"He said another neighbor, who, like everyone else, requires justice and security in the area."

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