Sunday , January 24 2021

Godody Cruz connects with Indpendendente in half time

Today, at 9:30 AM, Godoy Cruz farewell to the local year before Independiente, which will receive audience support. This will be the last game Diego Dabov, technical director of the home owner because he did not reach an economic agreement with the management.

The performance of both in the current Super League has had a regular performance enough to be in the South American qualifiers. With 22 points for everyone, the game tonight promises to secure a match very dynamic and the constant search for effective attacks as a prerequisite.

On the sides of the premises Tomba will finish the sport year and will return on January 3rd. From day to date until the beginning of the season, the main question will be who will be new coach,

What will happen to Dubeau? His next destination is Argentina Union, with which he will sign a contract for a year and a half. Today's security is the income of Luciano Abecasis on the right, instead of Agustín Verdugo.

At the same time, the visit comes from the loss of Boca in Libertadores de America, in a match where contradictory and arbitrage decisions were more protagonist than the possibilities that Rogj lost amazingly.

Ariel Holland, a protagonist of his words against the top leaders of national football, put the same players in the field who played the last game.

Malvin's Argentina will again host another party that promises to deliver a great show. after the Argentinean Cup final between Rosario Central and High School and Escrima La Plata, with tribes met almost entirely.

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