Monday , August 2 2021

Google Assistant actions to make them an ideal companion

on Google helper is a tool that exists in almost all Android terminals and also on some devices, such as smart speakers. If you do not make the most of it, we'll show you how to change this and get this service necessary for you

The truth is that once you learn to take advantage of Google's assistant, the convenience of taking action simply by using voice becomes something that can not be abandoned. It may not be clear yet, so we'll show you how to do some action that, due to their usefulness, will make the development of Mountain View your ideal companion.

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Required options for using the Google wizard

In any case, we will refer to the use of all actions mobile terminal, because we believe this is most useful because it is possible to find this development on most Android terminals. The case is that you discover everything you can do with Google's assistant and, in addition, how easy it is.

Google Wizard Logo

The first thing to do is to activate the service, something that is as simple as a continuous push in Start button (physical and tactile), do this is advisable to log in Settings to Google's wizard to check if the "OK, Google" activation command is functional. If everything is positive, that's what we believe it will do take a good game of the development we are talking about:

Use the calculator

Sometimes you have to perform complex operations and, in order not to waste time and make sure the result is desirable, calculator, Well, once you activate the voice recognition in the Google wizard, you just have to ask the question about the operation and get the answer directly.

Use the Google wizard as a calculator

Add a reminder

This is very useful because you can only add the appropriate reminder to the dinner you have scheduled or to visit a family member. To do this with Google's assistant, what you need to do is run the voice command "I want to add a reminder," and consequently the relevant information will be added as a reason, day and time. It's so simple

Reminder in Google Assistant

Send WhatsApp or Mail Only by Voice

Just as you just say, "I want to send WhatsApp" after the command is recognized, the contact will be asked (you have to tell the exact name and register it in your terminal) and then just dictate the message. To complete, confirm the shipment. The same can be done with emails, but by changing the command with "I want to send an email".

mandarWhatsApp with voice assistant

Save a voice memo

If you tell the assistant to "get a voice," a screen will appear where you will start recording it, and later you can also do it with the Google assistant asking you to listen to it by specifying the name with This option is very useful if you do not have to write.

Record the voice memo with Google's assistant

Create a route with Google Maps

This is also possible with the Mountain View service. You just have to tell how to get to the destination and the route is generated automatically (the time it takes to use it starts with a voice). Now, if you want to run it, you need to click on the Start button. The case is that wherever you are, you can take advantage of this option, which will prevent you from losing.

Target Maps with Google Wizard

This will be the new features for the Google Home app

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