Tuesday , June 22 2021

Google Docs Launches an Interesting Task Automation API

Google has announced in the last hours the availability to the general public of Google a new Google Docs API, An Application Programming Interface that will allow developers to automate multiple tasks that can only be done manually so far.

This interesting Google Docs API has been under development in recent months and can be tested since last April when it was in Google Cloud Next & # 39; a preview in the developer.

One of the most interesting features of the Google Docs API: Automatically creating invoices or sales reports

The three areas are its main virtues: first, the creation of massive documents; second, workflow management; and finally, the creation of content management services.

And as they explain from the company, There are many of the most popular Google Docs features in the API, "This allows you to read and write documents in a programmatic way so you can integrate data from different sources by taking advantage of the power of Google Docs," says Mountain View. It allows you to edit documents, as well as manage text in different ways, insert images or create lists along with other options.

One of the examples that Google puts in the video it posted, explaining the benefits of the API, is creating automated invoicesUltimately, they are similar documents that are generated with a certain regularity of data such as order numbers or product references. All of this information can be provided through an API, an external source, or even Google Spreadsheets if they are already in use.

In the preview period companies such as Mailchimp or Netflix have found the API useful. For example, the audiovisual platform has used it to automate the processes of its engineers, making it easier to document and collect data.

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