Wednesday , January 20 2021

Google Maps: Increases the idea that there is a naked girl but is "trolled" Google Street View | Google Earth Viral Argentina | trends

This will make you smile A young person has been moved from Google Maps after he thinks he was captured girl naked in the city Buenos Aires, in Argentina; But he received a great surprise that he left him completely devastated and wanted to avenge the application of the technology giant.

According to a detailed Peruvian youth, he has a family living in the Argentine capital, and since he will visit them the following year, he wants to understand what the area looks like, so he decided to use Google Maps to do virtual walk before the trip.

Everything was fine, the young Peruvian had already found the house where his relatives lived; something, however, attracted the attention of this boy who decided to turn to the instrument zum from Google Maps to get a better view.

The young man said that before he did zumIt seemed that the Google Maps cameras had captured a naked woman standing in the street. That surprised him a lot, and he wanted to see it with his own eyes, but he got a big surprise.

As you can see in the images, which Google Maps they shot in November 2015, the alleged naked girl was actually mannequin, placed in the post and from the distance, gave the impression that it was something else.

Very disappointed, the young man decides to share his discovery with Google Maps with the rest of the world and decides to publish the images on social networks, and if you want to see them, then drag the main image to the left.

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