Some time ago Google has raised Android Things – originally known as Brillo – como answer arrow the Internet of Things, The operating system will focus on smart devices and will have multiple connectivity options. Today, Mountain View Throw the towel and announced new plans for this platform,

By writing to her developer blog, Google has revealed this Android Things will be focused only for speakers and smart screens who have an integrated Google Assistant. This means that will be available only to OEM manufacturers for commercial purposes and, to a lesser extent, for the developer community that worked with SDK.

as consolation prize offers to continue working with Raspberry Pi 3B and NXP i.MX7D. The company says Android Things will continue to be a "platform for experimenting and building connected devices." The development kit will continue to update for the two plates, although only for non-commercial use with a limit of 100 devices.

Android Things was announced in 2015 as Brillo and later changed its name. Version 1.0 came less than a year ago after the previous phase was cataloged as successful, thanks to more than 100,000 downloads.

The correction in Android Things seems inevitable deathIf we add that Google has announced a new platform known as Google Assistant Connect, things make sense. It is obvious that the current focus is on his assistant, who is the largest beneficiary of the last CES and from whom we have seen interesting applications in recent months.

During the Las Vegas Fair, the technology giant said this Google Assistant Connect will facilitate the integration of the assistant into different devicesThe message was just one teaser of what Google is preparing for its next I / O conference 2019.