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Gremio now claims "several years of punishment" for the river – February 25, 2018

With blood in the eyes, So Gremio was after the semi-final loss against the River in the current Copa Libertadores after the coach millionaire, Marcello Galardo, ridiculed the punishment imposed by Conmebol, and went to the dressing room on the night of Porto Alegre. Now the president Gauccio went out to defeat Nunez's club again for what happened in Monumental.

"What happened this Saturday and here in Porto Alegre will give at least two years of punishment for the river in international competitionsBut unfortunately this is not taken seriously. The fans of the River and the club lost their credit, "said Romuldo Bolzano, president of Gremo.

In the Brazilian club they are still annoyed by the elimination against the Argentine team, in a match where VAR has an extraordinary protonism towards sanctions a sanction that nobody has seen, nor players on the river,

"Conmebol, who was supposed to organize the championship, eventually got upset"Bolzan concluded about the turmoil this weekend in Buenos Aires.

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