Thursday , July 29 2021

Gustavo Alfaro: "Boca gave a great demonstration of character to overcome the match"

Gustavo Alfaro was very sincere at the press conference following Boca's equalizer against Tolima Depot in Colombia, which left him on the verge of qualifying for the second round of Copa Libertadores. "Xeneize" lost 2 to 0 of the 20 minutes from the first time but could tie it and be very close to the advancement. If you knit at home against Atletico Paranese on the last date of the group, you will secure the ranking without counting the result. If he wins, he will finish the lead in his field.

"The team showed vitality, personality and masculinity. At the right time it was 0-2 because it was a demonstration of natureIf it were the opposite, they would have said they had no person, "shot the coach who was very sincere at a press conference.

"I do not have to convince anyone, as long as I am convinced that the players are good, we will always judge the results and goals we have," He noted "Leguaga", who again mentioned the difficulty of moving the club forward after the traumatic defeat by Copa Libertadores.

"The team came from a very difficult situation to lose a very difficult final with a team that disarmed and had to regain confidence. This is everyday work, very difficult and difficult "he admitted.

As for the defeat of Atlético Pararanes in Bolivia against Jorge Wilterman, Alpharo recalled the Boca Equality in Cochabamba: "At that time, Bolivia's tie was undervalued. But it's complicated and very difficult to play there. We had to win that point at home. I told the players that we had to get to the last game, depending on us. And we did it.

Other important phrases by Gustavo Alfaro:
"We knew they would expect an adverse outcome or an internal crisis to kill us, the River won the final they had to win, and Boca did not, and all that Boca did would fall to destroy us. strong and convinced inside and achieve the goals. "

"We played against a rival (Deportes Tolima) who has been doing well for a long time at the local level and in the Cup, a team that knows what he wants and has a very definite identity."

"In the 90 minutes, when we did well after losing 2-0 at the beginning, it was felt that Tolima scored more goals than the merits to win, the distribution was fair."

"This result puts us in a good situation at the end of the group and does not depend on anyone on the last date, but first we have to play with Godi Cruz first (for the Super League) and then with the Rosario Center Supercop (Argentina). ).

"What stands out is the strength of this group never to surrender." I told Pipa (Benedetto) that I liked his game, it was the best week since I saw him working, he has a very strong commitment. Mauro (Zarate) to bring forth a society between them, he showed character and person in prison, I know we have it.

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