Wednesday , December 2 2020

Gutirrez won MPN detained and her vice president denounced fraud

Noukun leader Omar Gutirez won this Sunday in the Neuquino Interim National Movement before his deputy, Rolando Figueroa, who denounced the election fraud maneuvers, according to which the current president heads the vote next year that has ruled the province for five decades.

After a slow review, the MPN's Election Board informed that Gutirrez's Blue List is super with 60% to 39% for Violet, Figueroa. From around the deputies on Sunday, they spoke of a tight 55-45, which was only reached with irregularities, although the official number was more relaxed.

"It became a catalog of frauds and lack of transparency," denounces after 19 hours the representative on his list, Pinot Rousso. He talks about tightening, trout balls and the results of the tables "very different, almost magic". Figueroa did not speak and extended the complaint on Monday.

"The judges of the judiciary did not see anything and we did not know where they were," the lawyer asked for the 23 inspectors appointed to control the elections in the big cities.

Over 420,000 voters between members and independents, around 120,000 people attended the election, according to data provided by Gutirrez. "The number of votes of the citizens who chose the Blue List is approximately 74,400 citizens, and the other has calculated the support of approximately 45,600 citizens, so the difference is 30,000 votes," which is noted before the check is over.

That is, he votes a little less than 30% of the number (similar to 2014 when the Gutirrez – Figueroa formula won 55% of former governor Jorge Sobis), although this is an insignificant basis for the general elections next year, The substrate which is allowed for the inner is hardly smaller than that of the common, i. almost 30% of the base is not small.

However, the great unknown that remains in Neukken's political environment is whether Gutierrez could achieve unity with the Figueroa sector after an internal one that had a moment of extreme tension. "The political project will merge into one, the colors are completed in the MPM," the manager asked in a solemn speech, marked by an attempt to calm the waters. "There are no winners or losers in PMM," he insisted.

The problem is that the inner reaches almost a point of return, and Figueroa is pulled by Peronist sectors that recognize it as standing before the Maurizio Macri's government, unlike the extreme closeness that Gutirrez had with Rozada. It is even suggested that the defect can analyze the possibility of going beyond the historical game.

The internal MPM defines the candidate for governor of the provincial party, which dominates the province 5 decades ago, and usually has good relations with the president-in-chief, with the exception of Jorge Sobis's memorable struggle with Nostr Kirchner.

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