Sunday , November 29 2020

Having said that is not enough, Urdubee will donate its salary to charities

A bad drink for the Governor of Salta to pay his salary Source: LA NACION – Credit: Enrique Villegas

The manager of Salta,

Juan Manuel Urdubey

, announced today that it will donate its public wages to this province after the controversy arisen after the provincial agent's executive said that the salary it receives as official
the public does not have enough to live.

"I do not have a governor's salary to live. Fortunately, I'm dedicated to agriculture," Urtubey said in the program.
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, and a wave of criticism was unleashed. Two days later, the leader of the Peronists published a social networking announcement saying: "I decided to give my salary as governor of public goods in my province for the rest of my mandate."

"I believe that politics is a public service, misinterpretations of statements made by me and taken out of the context require clarification, I admit that I can be clearer, but I do not acknowledge bad faith," he continued.

The governor, who is part of the sector that is not a Kirchner peronist, added: "I confirm that thanks to our private policy politics is not the basis of my livelihood and my family, I do not live in politics, I live for politics."

From Salta's management, they pointed to Telam that Urdubei was dedicated to raising pigs and agricultural activities, while assuring that the Governor's salary was $ 86,834.

Agency Telam

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