Friday , January 22 2021

He appeared as a gym fan: "I lost the microphone and became a finger of Mendoza"

Jorge Ariel Mogjica had traveled to the Argentine Cup final. He lost the microphone and turned to his finger. He arrived in our town after 15 years and talked to DAY

Gymnastics fan, named Jorge Ariel Mudzhika, who was heavily sought after by his family, who through social networks faced his intention to find his whereabouts after making a complaint.

The man traveled to Mendoza in the microphone to witness the last match of Copa Argentina against Rosario Central, but he did not return to the city.

Jorge is 42 years old and while he was spreading through social networks, he was dressed in the wolf's clothes.

In dialogue with this environment, her mother, Gladys, told us that "we made a complaint to the Ninth Police Service and surrendered the DDI, took pictures of my son and now I'm waiting … Anyway, my daughter leaves this afternoon for Mendoza to look for there and contact the local police. "

The day he talked to the music a few minutes after he arrived at his house in the El Palihu neighborhood and said: "After the game in the middle of the amount of people I lost for those who will come back with me on the same bus."

"I did not have much money, I stayed in the area and asked for help and after the weekend I started going back to the city," he explained.

"Thank you very much to one of Mendoza Marcello, who is the one who traveled the most kilometers on route 7," he said. "We did a good relationship, I told him what had happened and invited me to do a barbecue last night at a dormitory."

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