Thursday , January 21 2021

He broke his mother's face because he did not let him buy a gun

Angry because he is not allowed to buy firearms on the black market, the young man beats his mother, who had to go to the hospital to sew his face.

A young man, angry with her mother, struck her because she did not want to buy him weapon. When the police arrived, he attacked a sergeant and disfigured it.

The event was held on Thursday at 18:30 in Centenario, in a house located on Calle Honduras and José Martí in Neuquén. The woman called the police after being attacked by her son.

The discussion between mother and son that unleashed the aggression was due to the fact that the young man wanted to buy weapon the fire on the black market and his mother would not leave him. The boy, indignantly, started to hit her. She managed to lock herself into her room and called the police.

When a warning of a possible case of gender-based violence was triggered, a cell phone from the Quinta police station came quickly, and Sergeant Gladys Almendra took the lead with the idea of ​​helping the woman. Once in the house, the sergeant began talking to the victim who told her about the episode of violence she had suffered.

The young man was not seen, but he appeared in place and threw a screw cap of a 3/4 rigid plastic tube that struck face to face the police. The object caused a deep cut from the right eye to the nose. His interlocutors immediately interfered and when the sergeant was bleeding to death, they immediately transferred her to the Centenario hospital, where she was assisted by the guards and gave her 12 points. The young police agency was taken home with a combination of analgesics.

What would happen if he argued with his mother and he had weapon in the House?

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