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He died Carl Shils, actor of Peaky Blinders and Batman Begins.

Carl Shils, known for his roles in the series Peaky Blinders and in the movie Batman begins, died on Sunday suddenly while he was asleep. The causes of death are not yet known. He was 47 years old. The news was confirmed by the artist's agent, Lisa Richard.

By a statement, Richard said the translator had died "sudden form" on July 14th."We are deeply beaten and saddened by the sudden death of our friend Karl Schils, expressed in their social networks.

"Our hearts are broken, but today our thoughts are with his wife Laura, their children and their closest friends," he added.

According to an English tabloid source Daily Mail, Schild remained "he fell asleep repeatedly, "and suffers from it "intense pain."" during the filming of a telenovela, which is currently playing in Ireland.

The official profile of the BBC's successful Twitter series lamented the death of the actor.The sadness to hear that brilliant Carl Sheels, who plays Ryan in the third episode of the first season, has died. Condolences of family and friends, from Peaky Blinders".

Dublin born plays a role in the successful 2013 Peaky Blinders from the BBC and he also works in movies like Veronica Gerin, Interming, Clinic, and Capital Letters.

In addition to playing in the hit BBC series, he was one of the bandits Batman begins, the first part of the trilogy by Christopher Nolan starring Christian Bale

In addition to the above roles, the translator also participates in projects such as The War of Foyle and Tudor.

Famous actor in series, movies and plays, Shils is one of the main characters of popular Irish fiction A fair city, which is broadcast daily in your country. For his work in the aforementioned proceedings he was nominated in 2016 as A Better actor in IFTA (Irish Film and Television Awards), the typical awards for art in Ireland. At the same prize he was also a candidate in 2004 for his role in Capital letters.

In his extraordinary theatrical career he appeared in several productions at the Abbey Theater in Dublin. They stand out among them Beauty in a broken place, When swimming-two birds and The Barbarian comedies.

The last image the Irish publishes at Instagram is on April 21st.

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