Tuesday , November 24 2020

He divorced his wife in three parts and hid the remains in a bag chronicle

A woman who had disappeared since Tuesday was found in three parts in her home bag in Moreno, Buenos Aires. Her husband, army sergeant, was detained, according to court sources.

It is Jessica Luchia Hoffman (34), also a military serving in Battalion 1 of the Palomar unit, and has not appeared since Tuesday.

For this reason, civilian staff appeared in their father's home, Ramon Ronaldo Hoffman (59) to inform him of this situation, the spokespersons told the court Telam,

As a result, the father of the woman who lives near her daughter's house on Pedro Benoa Street in 2800 in the city of Trujbouw of this party in the western part of the suburb of Buenos Aires can not communicate with her or her husband, reports her disappearance after a call to the 2nd Police Service. of Moreno. Soldiers from Moreno's command patrols arrived at the place where the man asked them to cooperate to enter their daughter's home. There, around the 18th on Thursday, they found that in an army bag that emitted a nasty scent, the body of the woman, divided into three parts, is said in a court source.

For this reason, the prosecutor intervened in the case Leandro Ventricelli, responsible for the UFI 1 of the Moreno-Gen. Rodriguez Judicial Service, who ordered the scene of the crime to be protected so that the relevant expert reports could be prepared.

As a result of the evidence gathered, the court officer found that the crime would have occurred in the context of hepatitis, so he ordered the search and subsequent arrest of the victim's wife, Fernando Gonzalez Friveo, who is the Sergeant of the Argentine Army.

Finally, the defendant was arrested in Campo de Mayo, where he served and transferred to the 2nd Police Service. de Moreno, where he will remain and will be investigated by prosecutor Ventricelli for the crime of "aggravated murder on the bond," sources added.

At the same time, the results of the autopsy in Hoffman's body were awaited to be able to establish the date of death.

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