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He envies and the people who have worked with him do not want it

Marcela Tauro disappointed Wayne, who criticized Del Moro's cycle

Buenos Aires Julián Weich came out to beat hard who wants to be a millionaire, a cycle that leads Santiago del Moro and leads his time, leaving behind Showmatch. "I'm very critical of television because I know TV," said Witch on the radio. And then he spoke directly to the program: "See what happens to Who wants to be a millionaire ?: They choose participants with stories that I do not think are necessary."

"On the one hand, it is good that a person who works in a cone is recognized, but it seems to me that everything is very limited. It's not bad you want to tell the story, but it looks very insidious because you already know the story, "he added, more critical.

Marcella Tauro defended Del Moro's cycle and pointed to the driver: "If Julian Wahl was going to ask me what had happened to me that he was at the best moment of his life and was not at the best of the important channels ? The person who owned them, what happened to have to go to the news? Without overlooking La Nación +, but what happened?

He will not get out of the system, he gets away, he wonders why the people who worked with him do not want it because … this image of the divine has not got him inside. He is jealous.


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