Sunday , January 17 2021

He killed his girlfriend and tried to hang himself with a pair of socks

Saturday afternoon Aylen Belen Alicia Dekuci, a 20-year-old girl, left her home in El Palomar for Ramos Maya, but never returned. His relatives reported the disappearance of the police, which Find your friend to the girl's body. The offender tried to commit suicide because he had pair of twisted socks in the neck. The subject was arrested at the disposal of justice.

Eylin had left her home in El Palomar on Saturday, 15 years. She said she was going to Ramos Maggie, and hours after she left, she turned off her phone. After his family reported the disappearance of the police, GTO personnel began looking for the area but could not find the girl. That's why they decided to go to their friend's house.

The police from the sixth station of Moron went to the house and found Eyline's body there. The body lay in the bed with the visible signs of the blows that caused death.

The boy was her boyfriend David Vella Balazar, a 23-year-old Peruvian citizen who had a pair of socks around his neck. Researchers believe the accused has beaten his girlfriend to death and then attempted suicide. Balazar is out of danger and is detained at the prosecution service of the Moron Court Department.

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