Sunday , June 20 2021

He killed his own mother by hooking her with a bow

One Israeli nurse killed in Mendoza died strangely. That's what it is all about Phyria Sarussi, mother of Nicolás Gil Pereg, the only person arrested for the crime of women. This was reported by the Forensic Corps, according to the results of anatopathological investigations carried out on certain organs after the autopsy.

"Contouring with contour" is the technical name used to distinguish it from the hand practiced, mechanically. The killer may have used a rope, rope, or other similar object, the investigators explained. The findings of the expert report revealed by the Prosecutor's Office are key to determining the cause of the death of Sarushi (63); It was originally said that the probable cause of death was to hit and hit.

His body was buried with his sisterLily Pereg, 54, was killed with three shots. The bodies were a property located in the Roca 6000 of Guaymallén. There, according to the prosecutor Claudia RiosNicholas Gil Pereg killed them and buried them on Saturday, January 12, and two days later he appeared in court, condemning the disappearance of both.

The women, originally from Israel, have arrived in the country to visit Gil Pereg, who is in Mendoza more than a decade ago. Testimonies and videos helped the justice to determine that on Saturday, the 12th man went looking for them at the center, that the three of them went to a team that they went down to Guaymalen and entered the room where they never left their lives.

There was blood of the victims in a T-shirt. Jill Pereg was arrested for the usual murder, aggravated by the use of a firearm to the detriment of the aunt, and for the aggravated injury of the relationship to the detriment of the mother. For his part, the accused has filed a new protocol through his attorney to take his cats to San Felipe prison.

The lawyer says there is a "legal vacuum" that would allow detainees to have pets in prison. He also proposes to take responsibility for feeding cats in case the request thrives. The Israeli citizen is isolated from the rest of the prison population during a hunger strike and threatens to commit suicide if his cats are not brought to him.

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