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He rebels against his parents and decides to be vaccinated when he turns 18

February 12, 2019

The young man investigates the benefits of disease prevention and decides to oppose the convictions of his parents.

are vaccinated

An 18-year-old boy is rebelling against his parents' decision not to vaccinate him and do it alone after investigating the benefits of disease prevention.

The event happened at Ohio, USA. Parents of Ethan Lindenberger They decided not to vaccinate their underage children because they did not trust the government.

About two months ago, the teen asked for advice on how to get vaccinated in a social network of questions and answers. "My parents think vaccines are a state scheme""the young man explained, adding, "Because of their convictions, they have never vaccinated me, God knows how I'm still alive.

Ethan Lindenberger

Jill Wheeler, The boy's mother has never vaccinated her son against him polio, hepatitis, measles, varicella or mumps. The woman is convinced that this method of preventing illness is related to the development of brain damage and autism.

However, Ethan Lindenberger I had many doubts, so I asked for advice about the procedures I had to do to get myself vaccinated. "I'm afraid to go to a place where the vaccines are much more expensive," he admitted.

Anti-vaccine journalist died of flu

In his second update to the social networking publication, the youngster said there was a date for vaccination. "My mother was very angry, but my father said that since I was 18, I do not care much" he assured him.

The adolescent was vaccinated at the end of December. Health Staff He injected him a cocktail against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, flu and HPV, according to The Washington Post.

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