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He wanted to be sexy but his pig bites his tail

Radio Mitre broadcasts

13 February 2019

While they were preparing to make a sensual photo of bikini, the model was unexpectedly attacked by the animal. Everything was recorded!

Video: @michelle_lewin

Venezuela Michelle Levin is known on the social networks for images and videos that he shares with the intention of offering advice on physical training and personal care.

Only in your official profile Instagram, fitness model, has an incredible number of more than 13 million followers who consume the content they share every day.

However, over the last few hours, it was not a simple picture or video of Levin, which causes social networking effects, but the recording of a painful type gaff of which he had to be a victim.

While she was sexy on a heavenly beach in the Bahamas, Michael was bite in the tail in a sudden and unexpected way from pork with large dimensions that circulate freely around the place.

"Oh, my dad bit me, he bit me, he bit me!" she screamed from the opening when the animals on the sea shore attacked her.

With a lot of humor, the famous Venezuela decides to share with her followers what has happened with a video on her profile, which she decides to describe with a series of emojis: "????♀️?",

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