Monday , August 2 2021

He warned that he might die if he continued to play football and died the next day in full swing

On Wednesday, the newspaper Ladouma Football published an interview with the player Papi Fati, where he revealed it his doctors had forbidden him to play football for heart problemsThis Thursday, the 28-year-old player died in full swing.

The event happened in Swaziland, in the duel between Malanti superiors and Green Mumbai from the local league after the event. They played only 15 minutes in the match when the midfielder collapsed on the grass and lost his life before being transferred to a hospital, according to local press reports.

Fati was part of the selected Burundi who first qualified in the history of the African Cup, the most important tournament on the continent. The combination is so weak and the federation has so few resources that they had to open a donation page to get money and thus finance travel trips.

After the news of death, an article published by Ladouma Football on Wednesday when the player himself said he was forbidden by doctors to continue playing football. – The doctor told me I could die., he revealed.

That is right Fati had heart problems and had already collapsed in other casesThe first time was during the game in December 2015 when he wore Clever Boys' trick and then in April 2016 after his return. According to him, he said in the interview that he refused to accept reality and wanted to continue his career.

"After conducting a physical examination, the coach asked me how I was doing, assured him that I had never felt better, so they included me in the pay list for the next match against Namibia, I played 90 minutes, then we flew directly to Bujumbura (Burundi), where three days later I played another 90 minutes without suffering any consequences, "said the player who remembers the episode years ago when he played for his team.

One of the teams he played in, Real Kings, canceled the contract after hearing the medical report. But obviously other clubs decided to ask for it, thus opposing the warnings of the experts.

Papi Fati dies after a race where he protects the colors of Trabzonspor Turkish, where he did not make his debut MVV Maastricht (Netherlands), APR FC (Rwanda), Bidvest Wits (South Africa) and Real kings (South Africa).

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