Tuesday , July 27 2021

He was tired of being blocked by a garage and installing a mafioso sign on the door

A family gets tired and places a message on the garage door of their house.

A family from Neuquén made a drastic decision because they were sick because they could not leave their homes. The reason? every day a vehicle is parked in front of the garage, but he can fix it in a certain way.

They put on a very strange poster that said: "It is forbidden to park, and if the car parkes the car, his father's car will be hit, his grandmother's car will be hit, and if his grandmother does not have a car, I will buy him one and he will end! ", along with pictures of famous drug dealers Pablo Escobar.

House owner, Laura, talk to the portal LM Neuquén and related details of successful smart ideas. "That's a great way to get out of this situation, another way to get attention", count the woman.

This area was very busy because there was a clinic behind the house which was added to two blocks away from the measured parking lot in the city.

"Once we have to go with our dislocated daughter and as usual we have a car at the door, we have to take a taxi"admitted Laura.

For this reason, the woman stressed that many times she had to call the city crane and even the police to remove the parked car from the garage door.

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