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Historically: Seru Giran reunited at Teatro Colon – 13.02.2019

"I sing to get you through the blue, David Lebón began singing the first verses of the song Every man, every woman from Seru Giran. He gave way to a historic moment: rethinking the stage in the theater Colon de Lebon, Charlie Garcia and Pedro Aznar. Gathering the votes of Seru.

The moment comes at the end of the tour resonance by Pedro Aznar, where he is examining the 35 years of his solo career. The first guest was Charlie. Together they played the classic Sui GenerisWinter denominations. Charlie at the piano. Pedro of acoustic guitar. And together in the voice.

Seru was a team of dreams: Charlie Garcia, David Lebon, Pedro Aznar and Oscar Moro.

The first time Charley saw him, Aznar hired him. He was in a small jazz club. The bass player played only one and a half bars when Garcia said, "That's it." Charlie will say in an interview: "With Pedro we have composed songs in the act."

The first time Seru joined, who was not called at the time, was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a house that Charlie and Lebon had hired for the first time in this country.

It would be 11 pm when Moro and Aznar arrived. They directly dropped the tools of the truck, assembled the equipment and soon touched. It was half an hour in a row. Then everyone looked at each other and said, "We are a band.

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Group that is the creator of classics such as Alicia Song in the country, Seminare, Friday 3:00, Desarma y Sangra and Cinema Varieté. Four studio albums led them to the top of national rock.

The years before Seru were covered by Sui Generis of the Bird Maker. Sui Generis, along with Charly and Nito Mestre, was born in 1972: he spent three years in his production phase and changed the character of the national scale.

"Vida," in November 1972, fumigates the story of Sue: a song album with a younger appearance, lyricism and simple chords ("Maybe because", "I Need", "Station"), although it includes dark features as in "The Song for My Death" (a result of Charlie's collusion in 1971 when, driven by his actions, he was rejected when he declared him to be "manic-depressive with a schizoid personality."

Sui Generis, in his two subsequent albums, looks for more sophisticated features in his lyrics and instrumentation: in 1973, winter religious denominations came, with deep themes such as "When I Begin To Be Away," "Confessions of Winter" and "Griefs," twilight of a foolish imaginary king or not. In 1974, he published "Institutions for Small Anecdotes for Institutions", a conceptual disk critical of institutions.

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The Birdwatching Machine as a group operating between 1976 and 1977, T but this period was sufficient and two unusual discs (the "Birdwatching Machine" and "Movies") to present Charlie Garcia's flexibility and rediscovery and, above all, the change of style with Sui Generis. His second album, Movies, seeks to denounce the dictatorship with an ironic key. On the cover is shown the group that came out of the movie theater, where they had the film "Macabre plot".

In 1978, in the framework of the military dictatorship, the genesis of Seru Giran began, that this Wednesday in Colon materialized the title of this song by "I'll see you again."

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