Saturday , May 8 2021

Horatio Rodriguez Larreta connects the river bar attack with the attack on Boca's team

Mayor of Buenos Aires spoke after stopping the final yesterday due to the aggression of River fans against a Boca microscope Source: LA NACION – Credit: Ignacio Sanchez

stopping the end of yesterday of the aggression of fans of the river against the micro, who moved to the delegation of


the head of the city government,

Horatio Rodriguez Larreta

He said the incidents were related to an attack on one of the barracks at the Nunes club where the police seized 10 million pesos and 300 super-ticket tickets.

He also said he had ordered "thoroughly" investigating the failures in the security operation in charge of the city's police. – I asked the Minister [Martín Ocampo, de Seguridad] to conduct a thorough investigation, to make a summary to determine the responsibilities and see what could be done better, "he said.

Larita gave a press conference accompanied by Deputy Chief of the Buenos Aires government, Dario Santili and coordinating minister Felipe Miguel.

"This is related to the episode of the previous day [el allanamiento a la barra]"the employee said. There is a problem. 300 people who had previously entered the court yesterday could not enter and were the heroes of all the abuses surrounding the yard that included the stones in the Boca bus, he added.

And he asked the judge to investigate who gave him the tickets to the river bar. "There is no need to summarize, here the problem is the bars that generate these incidents," he said. He added, "These are mafias that have been fortified in football more than 50 years ago."

The conference was held after Conmebol decided to postpone the game
an official presentation of Boca in which he claims he is not in the same playing field for injuries suffered by several of his players.

The game was suspended after a group of fans stoned the micro-commission, which moved to the Boca delegation, causing several players to be injured. Captain Pablo Perez and the young Gonzalo Lamardo had to be transferred because of aggression in a medical center and did not get the permissions to play.

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