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Horoscope Capricorn Today: Friday, January 25, 2019

Capricorn Source: LA NACION

Capricorn has a goat as a symbol, method, and destination. Those born under the influence of this mark exercise perseverance and effort to test everything. It achieves what it offers thanks to careful planning. Reflecting on their thinking, they feel much safer in the maturity of life.

dates: 22 December to 19 January

What Capricorn expects on Friday, January 25th

As long as you continue to deny yourself triumph in any way, you may be slowing down or running as you expect these goals that have been proposed.

I love: Remember that a man pulls out the good you sow, gives more attention to a soul mate. If you do not, you will remain alone for a very short time.

wealth: If you need money to cover the outstanding debt, know that this is the right cycle to ask for all kinds of financial loans.

wellness: Make a balanced diet, do not gamble with magical formulas that can affect your metabolism, as over time can cause a health problem.

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