Monday , January 25 2021

Horror in Tucuman: A young man came into a house with an ax and beheaded carpenter

On Wednesday afternoon Nahuel Aosta entered with an ax in a house to the northeast of San Miguel de Tucuman. The property belongs to his mother, who rents the rooms of several Colombian residents and lives in the background. "Where are you going with that?" an aunt asked. "Cutting a tree," replied the 19-year-old. Minutes later heard shouts and hits. When one of the witnesses peered into one of the rooms, he found a scene he would never forget: Jorge Leonardo's body, Cantillo Rodriguez, was beheadedThe crime will be solved, but the cell phone is a real mystery, and the hypothesis that local shuffle presses are the most diverse.

About 300 Colombians live in Tucumán, mostly in the Alderettes, Aguilases and El Colman. He was in a house in the last town where 29-year-old Kantilo Rodriguez was murdered. The young man arrived in 2015 with his father from the municipality of El Atlantico, in his native Columbia, and It is devoted to the production and trade of furniture, as well as many of his compatriots. In January, I'd celebrate three years as a boyfriend with Nadi Kano, with whom I had a 5-month-old sonHe lives in the humble dwelling where he was killed, at 1,000 San Ramon, where he also works.

According to the reconstruction of La Gacetand at 5:00 PM Wednesday, Acosta entered the property. I was in a hurry. Behind him was his younger brother. "Keep going," the chief suspect said.

"Jorge had squatted to wash a gun to paint furniture when that guy was coming back and, without saying anything, struck him on the head to throw it, My cousin, who loaded the furniture in the truck, heard "ah!" And then they hit something. When he looked out, he had already cut off his head. It was all in seconds"said Colombian Angie Poso before a witness.

His cousin, Carlos Poso, also gave his version to court. "He attacks him in the backShe arrived with a machete and an ax. At first he hit him and did not stop until he beheaded himI never imagined seeing anything like that. This is not a human being. It was scary, he remembers.

Acosta fled, but soon after a family member called the police. He said the young man was in a house in Lomas de Tafi and he wanted to surrender. However, when the police arrived, he was out of control and he resistedThey eventually reduced it and stopped.

The crime will be resolved. But the mobile phone has only hypotheses and the most varied. The first thing that was said was quickly rejected: this the victim surrendered Astostas' father to the crime of Juan Figueroa, which also happened in El Colmenar. The version did not take much time to fall because this murder was in May 2014, before the Colombian arrived in the country.

"The truth, we do not have the farthest idea of ​​what happened", Convicted the victim's father, Alberto Cardona.

Most hypotheses that have been woven are related to monetary issues, The police do not rule out the mafia's devaluation of the mafia because of the way the crime was committed. It even analyzes whether Astosta was hired to kill. Links are also sought with the crime of 12 breakthroughs of another victim's compatriot, made a few weeks ago in Santiago del Estero. This murder would have been done by a Colombian moneylendor who received money from his country and used the furniture as a screen.

It is known that Acosta is addicted to drugsFor this reason, Father Cantillo Rodriguez said that "the man is just a junkie and is ready to kill anyone." He is believed to have worked as a drug soldier, but it is just "said", a rumor. That's right: eThe Colombian community is afraid to talk because their family is "sophisticated people", a neighbor admitted to the local press. "No one wants to talk here, if you say anything, then they threaten the whole world and we are afraid of repression," he said.

The offense, on the other hand, had a more painful quota. The Body Decapitations were viruses through WhatsApp, "If it was a mafia-like message, as many would have believed, the virilization of the photos intensified this supposed end and we will ask the Court to investigate how these images appeared," Geraldin Salazar complained to the victim's family attorney.

"We can not determine whether he is the same author or policemanBut this can not happen because they even obstructed the investigation by spreading this image. I think the suspect has time to do it before he's caught, though the cops say there's no cell phone. He could have been one of the uniforms who arrived, "the attorney added.

He also questioned the way the body was found. "Witnesses of the incident have said that his attacker has caused a fatal injury when faced with, but in the images he appears straight ahead. Do they move the body? This is actually one of the irregularities, "he warned.

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