a light Indian biker I find I'm horrified to which we are all exposed: I live without the internet, The archipelago of 177 islands is interrupted due to damage caused by the underwater cable only which connects the country with the rest of the Pacific Ocean.

The Tonga Government suggests this the reason for the two cuts in the cable which links the country with Fiji the anchor of the ship who dragged part of her to harm her. Internet disruption has affected services such as bank transactions, money transfers, flight reservations, hotels and, of course, the use of social networks.

Tonga government has activated a satellite connection to cover emergencies and offers 20 minutes of access of people who have the patience to stand in line.

The bad news for Tonga's people is this no date calculated for repair the cableWe speak the most about a week or two. The government of the country even talks about it blocks the use of social networks such as Facebook or YouTube, to prioritize other low bandwidth services provided by the satellite link.

The Tonga incident reminds us of what happened in Africa in April 2018. Six countries were left without Internet because of damaged cables. The most affected was Mauritania, which was off for 48 hours. A year earlier, Somalia suffered such a fate after being expelled for weeks.

The world depends on underwater cables


The submarine cable map page provides a detailed map of submarine cables and their updated routes today. Few know this these cables are responsible from almost Total data transfer,

Companies like Google have begun the development of underwater cables private like Curie, that will connect California with Chile seeks to optimize latency and improve the Cloud platform. He called out a second cable Dunant will connect the US with France and aims to be the first transatlantic cable of technology.

Some people already expect this we need to worry about protecting these cables, vulnerable to boat anchors, sharks, and anyone who wants to sabotage the enemy side.