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Mobile telephony

Carrier y Asociados study reveals how the branding of smartphone brands will be tailored to their volume

Year 2018 "will remain in history as a year of forgetting about the mobile terminals sector." The strong devaluation of the peso, added to accelerating the inflation it generates, has become an "explosive combination" for this market, according to an analysis by consulting firm Carrier y Asociados.

According to the study of this research office, "it is normally a product that has a high quality component in dollars, whether it is a product coming directly from abroad (iPhone case) or if it is produced in Tierra del Fuego (most of the equipment sold in country) where local currency costs are added to foreign currency components as a result of high inflation and rising interest rates (which affects financial costs),

For Carrier, the year began with trends similar to 2017, albeit a little higher in units, a situation that continued until May when the acceleration of the devaluation process began.

Thus, since this month, volumes of expeditions have fallen, a trend that has been seen since August, when the value of the dollar hit another jump.

"This autumn at the end of the year, traditionally with higher sales and including" strong "dates that stimulate demand, such as Mother's Day and the holidays at the end of the year, makes the year-over-year expectations of a maximum of 8.5 million units This volume, compared to 10.8 million in 2017, predicts annual growth in units of at least 21%, "the report said.

With regard to brands, according to this analysis, "it is obvious that the impact of this year was not the same for everyone, embracing the strategies adopted by each of them":

* Samsung continued to ship in shipments with a 54% share of the total but with a 16% drop in the first three quarters of the year compared to the same period in 2017

* Motorola reached the second place in the market (23%) with a 102% growth.

* LG (8%) goes from 2nd to 3rd place in participation and its volume decreases by 54%.

* Huawei remains in 4th place, but his volume dropped by 52%.

Color data, according to Carrier, is for Apple, which, despite having a price in Argentina "strongly influenced by the fiscal price," increased its volume by 284% and is at a market share of 6%, though with a very small volume, near Sony, in the 5th.

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