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how many Argentines we know about the symptoms, treatment and emergency response


Overall results

One of the most relevant data published in the study is that 95% of those surveyed said they knew about cerebrovascular disease. Half of them said their information was coming media and social networks,

The results show that near 80% identify cerebrovascular disease with the term "ACV", since the denominations of stroke, ischemia or stroke are very poorly recognized, the last term used by neuroscience scientific societies in recent years.

"60% of respondents consider cerebrovascular disease to be"honor"And more than 70% said 'it can cause injury and death.' These data show that the population has knowledge of the pathology, which is very good, about 30% were unaware of its potential weight"Said Dr. Diana Dossey, a neurologist and vascular neurologist at Fleny.

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Symptom recognition, treatment and emergency response

Regarding the identification of typical stroke symptoms, more than 70% of the respondents admit that sudden loss of speech, sensitivity, strength and vision as indicators of a cerebrovascular episode. Although the presence of neurological symptoms in 3 out of 4 people surveyed would be an emergency, the majority of the population would not use the emergency system to move to a nearby hospital. "52% will go to a medical center at their own expense if there is weakness in the limbs, numbness on one side of the body, difficulty in speaking, or sudden loss of vision in one eye, "says Dr. Sebastian Ameriso.

Although the first hours are vital for the patient and to start treatment depending on their situation, the results of the study show this one third of respondents do not know that stroke has specific treatment"When the LCA approaches early, the chances of recovery increase by 50%," said Ameriso.

Smoking cessation, reduction of alcohol consumption, control of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are healthy habits for prevention of cerebrovascular diseases: 70% of the respondents identified high blood pressure and high cholesterol As major risk factors. However, 45% did not take into account the consumption of drugs as a cause of stroke.

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