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How to Block a WhatsApp Group

How to Block a WhatsApp Group

The WhatsApp groups are a useful tool … until they stop beingUnfortunately, group chatting in the most widely used messaging application on the planet may turn into a headache that can be difficult to get rid of. WhatsApp knows this alone, so it has been offering some options for some time now escape and forget about those groups that carry more problems than joy. And though there is currently no way to block the groups, yes, there are solutions to be able to leave them and avoid that they can add us again.

The procedure you need to follow to block a group in WhatsApp is similar to blocking contacts. In this case, however, it will be necessary find out who the administrator of that group is, so he will not be able to add us again. We went to see steps you need to take to block a group, and the consequences of that process.

Blocking groups in WhatsApp: how to do it step by step

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As I said today There is no option for WhatsApp that allows you to directly block a group and prevent us from adding it againWe do not know whether the company works sooner or later to include this tool, but there is no doubt it would be useful more than once, and that it will be much more comfortable than what we will see next.

However, there is a way to block groups in WhatsApp. Of course, this will be the final measure once you try to leave the group or after you have silenced the most annoying members. That would be Steps to Follow to Block a WhatsApp Group:

  1. On your mobile phone, open the group what do you want to block?

  2. Enter information group clicking on his name.

  3. In the contact list, search for this – or these – with Administrator tag. of the group "next to his name,

  4. Click on the Administrator name and select the "Send message" option.

  5. The conversation will open with the user – even if you do not have one on your contact list. Click on his name.

  6. In your account, go down to the end select the "Block" option.

  7. If there are more administrators in the group, you should Repeat the same process in each of them.

This will block the administrator or administrators of the group they will not be able to add you to it unless another user you have not blocked is an administrator and he / she presents you to the group chat. In that case, you already know what you need to do. Yes, this is far from the ideal solution, but while WhatsApp decides to include blocking option, this is the only thing we can do to be able Escape from these annoying groups.

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