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How to set an alphanumeric PIN as a password in Windows 10

Suggested options Windows 10 when a gateway to access the computer is created, they are quite high. For example, you may use a password to use or create an image. One of the best options is to establish PIN code alphanumeric, as this option is very safe. We tell you how to get it.

That way you get Enhance security that you have while preventing third party access to your computer's operating system and therefore the data and applications you have installed. In this way, a PIN of more than four digits is established, as the alphanumeric number is longer and therefore potentially safer. By the way, creating this secure gateway is achieved as if you were creating a Windows 10 computer for the first time, but also on a computer that is already fully operational.

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By the way, to find an alphanumeric PIN in Windows 10, you do not need to use a third party because all that is needed is included in Microsoft's development (and this is possible to do in all versions of Redmond's operating system).

Laptop with Windows 10

Steps to set an alphanumeric PIN in Windows 10

The first thing you need to do is access to it configuration of the operating system, which is easily achievable, for example, you just have to type the above text in the search box (and Cortana) so that the icon that allows direct access appears first. The next thing is to open the option account which you see in the window that appears in Windows 10.

Security options in Windows 10

Among the possibilities that exist on the left, the one you should use is what is called Login optionsNow, in the section to the right, you should look for a section that is called PIN, you may need to download it to find it. Then you have to choose configuration if you have not created one yet, or if you have not, choose change,

Establish an alphanumeric PIN in Windows 10

A new window will appear in which you need to create the PIN and, in order to be alphanumeric, you must select the name field Includes letters and symbolsNow you can create a security key that will be longer than four digits and allows characters of any kind to be entered. Once finished, just hit the button I accept and you're done, you'll be ready, and you'll have advanced security when you protect your computer with Windows 10.

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