Friday , December 4 2020

How to Take Advantage of Black Friday's Best Deals – AIM Digital

The Argentine version of "Black Friday" comes with offers ranging from cars and tickets to toys and toys. A few years ago, the classic day of big concessions in US companies began to move to the local market where it focused primarily on e-commerce.

Among the positions you can find offers are excursions and cars, two of the sectors whose demand is most affected by the devaluation. In the case of car and dealers, even rebates will be extended for several weeks.


There are several brands that promote offers. Citroën, for example, has a black Friday, extended until Friday, November 30: it offers the basic C3 model at 485,000 pesos, 23% lower than the 633,000 pesos list. The most expensive model, Jumper L2 H1, is from 1,259,000 pesos to 979,000 pesos.

For its part, Chevrolet has a bonus of up to 185,000 pesos in four models until November 25th. For the first time the company officially participates in a black Friday. Promotions and bonuses are common practice in the automotive market to reduce the stock of certain cars in the dealer network.


Aerolíneas Argentinas has a 40% discount for all destinations and 12 free-of-charge Visa card payments. Although you have to check every destination, they generally have to fly by June of next year. In addition, there will be a 50% discount on the redemption of miles until 27 November.

The online travel agency Despegar offers discounts on packages and funding opportunities. "Star Destination" will be Brazil – with opportunities for Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Porto Seguro and Salvador – where you can travel through the season at low prices. Among the selected offers there are flights to Rio de Janeiro (round trip) of 7.927 pesos per person.

Latam offers to fly to Florianopolis for 9 699 pesos between January and February 2019 with 10 installments without interest. And for Miami at 23,499 pesos or Cancun for 21,899 pesos to fly from April to June 2019.

Norwegian low-cost airline will offer discounts of up to 30% to buy tickets for cabotage destinations but also for flights between Buenos Aires and London with discounts of up to 15%.

Mobile phones and appliances

Mercado Libre focused on "seasonal" products such as air conditioners, cell phones, TVs, shoes and toys with up to 50% discounts and 10 non-interest American Express cards. From November 23 to December 2, 200,000 offers will be available.

"We are closing a good year when e-commerce is not as outrageous as anything else, and we expect a 50% increase in overall pessos billing for the whole year," explains Herba Pérez Stoisa, director of Market Market, Infobae for free.

In turn, the Ribeiro chain is added to the product offer date with up to 70% discount.

It is known as the Black Friday (Black Friday) day, which opens the season on Christmas markets in the US, with great sales. But in recent years the date has spread to other countries to become the day of the world's largest trade movement.

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