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How will Jorge Lana's new program, which returns to television – 13/02/2019?

Although its return on television was not planned by the middle of the year, Jorge Lana He is not one of those who are lazy and waiting. Especially in the election year, with so much information to analyze.

Therefore, the journalist decided to release a new format on the TV screen, which It will start on March 11th.

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This is a cycle from interviews intimate style, 45 minutes, which will last from Monday to Thursday at 23.30.

The idea reminds a bit about her old cycle, called America The moon, where he interviewed celebrities like Julio Boca, Charlie Garcia, Diego Maradona and Fernando PenaThis time, however, interviews would not be with celebrities but with anonymous people who have memorable stories.

The program – which has a name but is kept secret to have more impact at the premiere – will seek to compete in the night slot with the political and economic cycles of C5N and A24.

Lana also prepares a fiction about Corruption K and a series of documentaries. (Photo: Bárbara Lanata)

Lana also prepares a fiction about Corruption K and a series of documentaries. (Photo: Bárbara Lanata)

The TN network will thus remain with traditional channel cycles from 22 to 23.30, From the plain, Leo's word, two voices and We are already big, and then the Lanata cycle will come.

Meanwhile, the journalist will continue to work on your daily cycle Lanata without filter, by Miter, which leads the second morning of the Argentine radio and is already preparing two other projects for the small screen at the international level: a prose based on the years of corrupt corruption and a series of documentaries.

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Although not much is known about these two recent proposals, the fact is that the series has already caused a lot of comments and criticism. It is titled greed, there is an official trailer, and it seems that the one who attends Lanata with the script is Leonardo Farinia, who was locked up for hiding and for his relationship with Lazaro Baes.

As if this is not enough, the driver renews in June PPT, through the eighth season to the screen of El Tresse. On this occasion, he will take advantage of the convulsive political climate in the election to inform presidential campaigns and everything related to the change of mandate in the country.


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