Thursday , June 17 2021

Huge change in WhatsApp groups

There is one of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp. They will no longer be able to add you to a group without your permission.

The specialized Wabetainfo site, which collects the WhatsApp updates, refines it. The feature is not yet available, but this "penetration" is expected to end in the coming weeks, which means for many.

How do I activate it?

According to El Cronista, when the update is finally online, the new version of WhatsApp will have to be downloaded. When this happens, new options will open in the Privacy Settings tab: you can customize it if the user wants to be notified or not when someone creates them and adds them to a group.

You can select, but the "default" option will continue to be added without first authorizing it. If you enable the new update, you will receive 72 hours to respond to the invitation, and if not, the application will decline participation.

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